Above Ground Pool Dome

For Year Round Swimming

Looking for ways to extend your swimming season?  Don't overlook the possibilities of an above ground pool dome.  They create an indoor environment without the expense of building a room.

Do the mosquitoes and flying bugs ruin your pool time?  The screen dome might be the answer.  It would be like building a pool inside a screen room for half the price.

Above ground pool domes do take some time to construct.  I have only assembled a couple of them.  They were not difficult, just time consuming.  Having a dome on your above ground pool would be a good reason to have a beaded liner.  Beaded liners are designed so they can be changed without removing the pool top rail.  Most pools can be easily converted from an over lap liner to a beaded one without too much trouble.

above ground pool dome
The sun dome would work well with a solar pool heater or even a regular heater.  The dome would trap all of the warmth inside lowering your heating costs.

A sun dome like this could heat the air up to 40 degrees and the water to 20 degrees.

above ground pool screen dome
Sun domes and screen domes both make keeping your pool clean a breeze.  Without the leaves, bugs and dirt, your filter will have a lot less work to do.

These units have been engineered to fit different models of above ground pools.  You will find a dome for these pool brands.  They will fit Atlantic, Haughs, Poseidon, Swim'n Play, Cornelius, H&R, Lomart, Voque, Doughboy and Coleco.  Be sure you pick the model that fits your pool.

By clicking the link below you will visit one of my favorite pool stores to learn all the details.  These domes are made for just about every size pool imaginable.

above ground pool sun dome
Sun Dome Pool Cover - 24 ft. Round 18 Panel Kit

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