Above Ground Swimming Pool Alarm

Do It For The Ones You Love

Do you have your above ground swimming pool alarm?  Now that you have a pool, the first thing to consider is pool safety.  Please protect your loved ones around water. I have spent most of my life building above ground pools and feel they are the safest pool a person could have in their yard, but you can never do too much.

Alarms are a great start to a safer pool.  Pool safety fence and safety ladders are helpful also.

Please protect your children around water.

Poolguard above ground pool alarm
This above ground pool alarm detects entry into the pool by children, pets or other intruders.  It is easy to operate and powered by a nine volt battery.  This unit snaps into the top rail of your pool making installation a snap.  The Poolguard comes with a three year warranty and meets all ASTM safety standards for pool alarms.

Above Ground Pool Alarm
This pool alarm system has a patented device that eliminates false alarms from wind, rain and other disturbances.  If you have small children these pool alarms are an ideal way of adding a little more safety to your backyard pool experience.

Please join us at Shadebuilder to help stop the drowning.  If you have a story to tell that might alert another pool owner to the dangers in their yard please share it with us.  The more lives we can save the better.  If you haven't already, protect your kids with a pool alarm, or some other combination of safety features.

Pool Eye Alarm
SmartPool PoolEye Aboveground Pool Alarm w/ Remote Receiver

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