Bowing Sides on Intex Pool

by Elizabeth
(Phoenix )

Intex Pool Bowing Side

Intex Pool Bowing Side

Intex Pool Bowing Side Sides Bowing On Intex Pool Side of Intex Pool

We tried to fill it with water in hopes it would stop bowing but it hasn't. It's a 32'x16'x54" Ultraframe Intex pool.

Hi Elizabeth. I know these pools bow a little until the water is high enough to push the sides out. This looks like a little to much bowing, actually, it looks like a break in the pole going down the top.

This pole should be a solid piece, after all the small pieces are interlocked. I would first check to make sure this piece is solid. If it is solid I would then contact the manufacturer for further advice.

Bowing Pool (frustrated)
by: Robin

We bought our Intex pool from Costco three years ago and the very next year the model was changed. I am angry because my husband has worked for three years now to correct the bowing that was supposed to be alleviated by filling with water. It never has straightened itself out, and no, the poles are NOT BROKE and when you call customer service ... Good LUCK because they never answer the phone ! Leaving me angry and frustrated with having waited patiently for someone to answer who never does.... I would not buy an Intex pool because of this...ever again... very disappointing

by: Anonymous

Buy a Legacy portable pool, a little expensive but worth it.

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Bowing Top Rail on Ultraframe Pool

by Ron
(Mariposa, Ca. USA)

I'm filling a 9x18 ultra frame pool. The fill must take place over weeks, as I am on a low recovery well. The pool is about half way full and is nice and level, but the top rails seem to be bowing in. Is this something that will resolve as the water level rises?

Hi Ron. It is very normal for the rails to bow in during the filling of these pools. They don't push out until the pool is nearly full.

I once filled a pool the slow way, like you are doing. I hooked my filter system up to long hoses that I hung over the top of the pool. I was then able to circulate the water during the couple of weeks it took to fill it. I also kept a floating chlorinator with tablets in it floating in the pool. It does not take long for the water to go bad when the weather is warm.

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Bowing Top Rail on Ultraframe Pool

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May 30, 2016
Does fix itself!
by: Ginger

Our pool was bowing incredibly, and I read these comments and thought it would fix itself. When it got about knee-high it was bowing so bad I thought it was going to break. We tied a rope to it and pushed it out as best we could and anchored it that way. Then despite my better judgment, we continue to fill the pool. When it got about waist high, the sides did start pushing their own way out! The anchor cords that we had tied to it had become loose. When we got all the way to the fill line, one side was perfectly straight, and the other side just has a small little bow. We are going to just swim in it and hope it works itself out, if not I may purposely overfill it just to straighten it out and then drain back to normal level.

It had me very worried for a while, as this was a very expensive purchase for our family, but It did work out.

So, anchor off the sides, keep filling, and pray. That's what worked for us. Good luck to you all, and happy swimming!

Jul 22, 2016
Same sagging sides on Intex 32x16x52 Pool
by: Logan

I just purchased the Intex 32x16x52 Pool and experiencing the same sagging on the sides. The pool is not properly designed. It needs some kind of sturdier support on the sides in the middle. Poor structure design is what I have found. Have to anchor in the middle on both sides to work.
There should be sturdier side supports and needs some kind of support on the top to prevent this sagging on such a long pool.

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Intex Pool Bowing In Middle

by Shelley Owens
(Strasburg, VA)

Our 10' X 20' Intex above ground pool is bowing severely in the middle section of the pool! The ends measure about 8'5" in width while the center measures about 7'. Can anyone suggest a remedy?
We are so frustrated with this!

Hi Shelley. It has been my experience with oval Intex pools that they will always bow in the middle until they are full. At that time the sides should straighten out.

If you are talking about a pool that is completely full you may have leveling issues. You may want to check the overall level of the pool. You could also check the legs of the side supports. If they are mounted on blocks are the blocks set at the level they should be? Would lowering them help to straighten the sides?

These are the things I would check. Has anyone else out there had this problem and figured it out? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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