Swimming Pool Solar Panels

Prolong Your Pool Season

Swimming pool solar panels are a great way to extend your swimming season by several months each year.  Use these pool solar panels with a solar pool cover and possibly a pool heater and you will be swimming year round.

These units are quite easy to install.  They attach into the return line.  The hose going from your filter back into your pool.  You just need to lower the pool water level below the return.  Hook the return hose to the solar water panel and add a second hose back to your pool return.

Your existing filter powers these units so you have no additional electric output.

swimming pool solar panel
Solar heaters for above ground pools are becoming more popular every year.  It was not long ago you had to make your own or adapt a standard house unit to your pool.  Now they are made by several manufactures and include all of the hardware needed to attach to just about any above ground filter system.

Adding extra swim time each season, or adding a few more degrees, is as easy as adding another panel.  They can be mounted on a roof, next to the pool, in a field or hanging from a fence.

If you do need to install the unit a long distance from the pool a separate pump is recommended.  Otherwise your existing filter pump is all you need.

The Sun Heater is a good economical choice for your first solar pool heater, or an add on to an existing system.  In The Swim carries these solar pool heaters for above ground pools and can ship one to your house in time for early summer swimming.

AquaQuik Aboveground Solar Pool Heater
These are new for above ground pool owners and offer an affordable way add a few degrees of warmth to a pool.  As you can see, this unit takes up a lot less space than a standard solar panel, and that could be an important consideration for many pool owners.

Pool Solar Panel
SmartPool SunHeater-Solar Heating System

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