1st Time Used Above Ground Pool Buyer

I am looking to buy a 28 ft round 52 inch deep used above ground swimming pool. The pool is currently running and is being sold with all the accessories, included a saltwater filtration system. The pool has a small amount of rust towards the bottom of one side. The pool is about 5 years old. What is your recommendation on what the pool is worth?

Thank you very much for your help!

A confused buyer.

Hi Confused Pool Buyer

You need to consider the cost of buying a new liner as you will not be able to use the one that is in there currently. Liners shrink when the pool is emptied making older liners unusable. I don't like installing used liners of any age; new ones go in so much nicer. But if a customer insists on using the used one I won't touch anything over two years.

You then need to consider the cost of taking down the pool, moving it, and reinstalling it. If you are doing this all yourself your expenses will be minimal. You will have to buy the sand for the pool base and anything else the pool may need, like maybe new coping, filter hoses or any other little parts and pieces.

I would try to buy the pool for five hundred dollars or less. Depending on the market in your area it may be worth more or less. I assume you have been checking prices and looking at several used above ground pools so you have a point of reference.

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The best advice I can give is not to pay too much for a pile of pool parts like this. It is much better to see the pool up and running.

used pool parts

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