24 Round Pool - Water Level Difference

by Kerri

I have a 24' round, 52" deep above ground pool. Ground was "leveled" and construction began. During construction, rail, wall and uprights were continuously check to be level. Pool is now full and, of course, there's about a 2" difference from the skimmer side to its opposite. So, when the water level gets to the middle of the skimmer, it's going to be 6" from the top there and about 4" from the top on its opposite side. The top platform is still showing pretty darn level all the way around and the verticals are showing level. I don't get it. Is this going to be safe to use?

Hi Kerri

Two inches off level is not that bad. If the pool looks safe in all other aspects you should be fine. The water is always level, so the small differences in your rail level has added up to two inches. Enjoy the pool for now and anytime in the future you need to drain the pool, fix the level. You could make a chart, measure from top rail to water level at every post. This will tell you exactly what you need to do when the pool is drained.

The chart would look something like this. Post #1 - 5 1/2" Post #2 5 3/4" and so on.

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