48" Unibead Liner on 52" Pool

by Shannom

Hello, I, being a dummy, measured my pool from the inside of the pool at the sand level. I assumed (which you should never do and I continue to learn this) since the liner sits on top of the sand the depth should be measured from there up, I later learned I was wrong. Lets not forget I learned this AFTER I already received my pool liner and realized I would lose about $90 on shipping and restocking fees. I honestly just wanted to cry from frustration until I came across a post of yours stating you used 48" liners on 52" walls for an entire season. Obviously you are the "pro" but do you think it's possible for me to do this, being an amateur, without ruining my liner?


It is very possible but you have to make use of the sun. The liner needs to stretch in the direct sunlight on a hot day.

If the liner is attached to the top of the wall, like I think you mean, it needs to be secure. Many pools that use j-hook liners have rods that go over the liner bead. That should hold the liner in place while it stretches a little.

Building up the cove is also an option if you need to. One way or the next you should be able to get the liner installed.

And you are very right, I have installed many 48" beaded liners in 52" wall pools. In the hot Arizona sun it is very easy.

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