Above Ground Pool Install

by Amy
(Wisconsin )

We are in the process of re-installing our 21 foot round above ground pool. We took it down, had a professional come in with a bobcat and level the area, and started working on putting the blocks back in for the the uprights. It was going perfect until we got to the back area of the pool, where we discovered that it is off level by about 3", for about 8-9 feet long. My husbands idea was to use thicker blocks and dig them into the ground to the proper height at each upright, plus in between for support. It is tapered accordingly and the pool wall seems to be level. We have checked multiple times. My concern is whether this is safe once we put the liner in and fill it with water? We plan to put large 24"x 36" blocks around the area on the outside and thought about lining the outside of those blocks with rebar for added support. My other concern is the blocks on the inside touching the liner. We are putting 1/2" foam insulation down that we could use asa barrier along the blocks in the inside. Does this seem like it would be safe? Or is there a better alternative? Thank you for your help.

Hi Amy

The only way to do an above ground pool correctly is to have the ground perfectly level. You will find it very difficult to compensate for unlevel ground, and there is no reason to, just level the ground correctly to begin with.

I laser level the ground to within an inch before laying out the bottom rail. I then set all the footplates laser level perfect. At this point I can see if there are any highs and lows on the inside portion that need to be dealt with. With everything perfect is the only time to start bringing in the sand base and building the pool.

An unlevel base will cause the water to fill on one side of the pool before the other side, this causes wrinkles in the liner. It is just best of avoid this and take the extra time to do it right from the start.

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