Above Ground Pool is Leaking Slowly

by Basia
(New Jersey)

28' Above Ground Pool

28' Above Ground Pool

I have 28' above ground pool. There is small leak, which I can't locate. I have to refill a pool once a week during summer in order to have filter working. I don't know what kind of pool it is and what kind of liner I need. I would like to replace the one I have with a new one. Before making any decision I would like to know a cost of the liner and installation.

Thank you

Hi Basia.

Wonderful photos, thanks, but unfortunately I am unable to tell the make and model of the pool. But that's not a big thing, liners are pretty standard.

One thing I would check before replacing the liner is just how much water is leaking and how much is evaporating. Filling a pool once a week is not uncommon, it may not be leaking at all.

Take a five gallon bucket and fill it with water. With a sharpy mark the water level and set the bucket near the pool. Mark the water level in the pool the same way. After a week measure both the pool and the bucket, from the mark to the water level. Evaporation would have taken the same amount from the bucket as the pool.

If you decide to change the liner you first need to decide if it's an overhang liner or a beaded liner. From the outside of the pool look under the top rail. If you see liner hanging over the edge of the pool it is an overlap liner, if not it would be a beaded liner.

The next thing I would do is measure from side to side in several places. 28' is the most common size for an above ground pool but there are some 27' models out there.

You can find liners online very easily. I would go with the 25 gauge as opposed to the 20 gauge. In The Swim sells a 25 gauge 28' round overlap liner for $386.00

Installation prices can vary depending on the competition in your area. You can probably expect to pay $300.00 or more in labor.

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