Above Ground Pool Sand For New Pool

For the past 5 years, we have put up and taken down (for winter) an intex pool. This year, we have just ordered an above ground metal wall pool that we can keep up all year. The sand that we put under the intex is still there, but it is VERY compacted due to the weight of the pool that was over it. All of the installation instructions for an above ground pool say to use 3 inches of sand under the liner. Do I need to put 3 MORE inches of sand down, or is what is already there and very compacted going to work?


The idea is to have a couple of inches of sand between the liner and the bare ground. You have to use your judgement about how good the sand is and how much of it gets contaminated in the take down and the re-install of the new pool. As a general rule I would add at least an inch of new sand over the old. The other option is to strip the area down to bare ground and use all new sand.

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