Above Ground Pools On Blocks

by Kathy

I bought an above ground 24ft round Allegro pool used. It has a plastic bottom track. I had the ground leveled by a professional and I dug out the holes and leveled them for the block for the posts.

It rained probably 6-8 inches the next 4 days and about 3-4 inches of water sat in the hole where the pool was to be put. The rain ruined the grade of the land and covered the blocks.

The grading guy told me to build the block up and also place a brick in between each block for support. None or the blocks are flush with the ground nor are the brick. I did level everything again. I now have 17 block and 17 brick supporting the track of my pool with about a inch between the ground and the track. Is this okay?? I am so upset I just want to sell the pool at this point!! Please help!!!

Hi Kathy

I hate to say it but this is not OK. You either need to lower the blocks and the bricks or you need to build up the area in between them. Either way, the bottom rail has to sit on firm level ground. Anything else is asking for major problems.

The only other option is to build the entire area up with bricks or blocks, I have seen this done with great success. This gives the rail solid support that will not wash out.

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