Asahi Beaded Liner

by Leah
(Centralia, IL)

I have a pool that is 17 years old, the warranty says it is Asahi and the manual says Mighty Sun. I can tell that it needs a beaded liner.

I was ordering a beaded liner but asked the company if it would work on my pool and they are concerned that it won't because they have never heard of this pool type. They say their liners have a standard bead.

Do you know if Asahi/Mighty Sun pools have a standard bead or some other kind? When I look at this webpage, the bead that looks the closest to mine is the 1st one, Standard. It doesn't look EXACTLY the same, but very close.

Please help this is the liner I am wanting to order. PREMIUM-BEADED-Above-Ground-Pool-Liner-ALL-SIZES-MEGA-SUPER-SALE-

Hi Leah

Asahi makes the Mighty Sun pool. I am very surprised that the store did not know the name. Asahi pools are imported from Japan by stores all over the states. There is such a good profit margin they are very popular.

I built them for about thirty years for Paddock pools. Paddock ordered a boat load of pools at a time. They ordered pools only. With those pools they added liners, filters and all the other stuff.

Paddock used all overlap liners. All the Mighty Sun pools I installed for customers buying on the internet came with overlap.

The standard bead is the most popular and the one I would go with. The bead receivers are cheap enough, if worse came to worse, and the bead did not fit, just order a new set of receivers. But it should work just fine. It is very possible the receivers did not come from Asahi, but added at the store or by the customer. In that case they would probably be the standard.

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