Beaded Liner Won't Fit

We installed a 27 ft 54" pool with the ez bead liner. As soon as we started filling the pool at about 6 inches of water the walls started buckling. It was an overcast day.

We had to do some adjustments so had to drain the pool to 1 inch of water. How long can I leave it like this waiting for a sunny day. Will the liner stretch that much in sun and not buckle the walls next water fill?


I have no idea how much "that much" is. On a hot day in full sun the liner should become very pliable and your problem should be solved.

Assuming the liner is new you are not in much danger of the liner shrinking, it should stay in a very workable state until you have a sunny day.

Be very sure all the wrinkles on the bottom have been pushed to the edges. When it warms, and before you start filling, get on your hands and knees, starting in the center, and try to work some more liner to the edges. Check also that the liner is centered. If it is only tight in a couple of areas you may need to drain to almost empty and try to center the liner better. The distance from liner to wall should be the same all the way around.

If you do all this you should have much better luck in full sun on a warm day.

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