Beaded Liner Wrinkles

by Ross
(Wright City, Missouri, United States)

I have an 18x33 oval pool. It has a beaded liner. We just in stalled the liner and started to fill only about an inch or two. I got all the wrinkles off the bottom but the liner looks twisted. As the pool fills will this leave wrinkles or do I need to adjust the top of the liner or will these work out? I am working on picture.

Hi Ross

Most of the time wrinkles on the pool sides caused by a twisted liner will stay there. Having the bottom smooth is the most important thing, so whether you want to take the time to reset the liner is up to you.

On an oval pool setting the seams perfect is critical. Seam configurations vary a lot with oval liners. You may have two seams running from one end of the pool to the other. These seams need to be in exactly the same place at each end. With a two seam liner that is four spots that need to be set. If this is done correctly then it is just a matter of smoothing the liner evenly. It is possible to set the seams just right but push the liner too far in one direction or the other. Getting the wrinkles off the bottom while keeping the liner centered can be tricky.

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