Best Base

by Larry Weaver
(North fort Myers, Fl.)

Good Afternoon, I am getting ready to install an 18' x 52" round AGP. My question Is about the base? My ground is mostly sand.(South Florida) I will be using a foam pool cove, and foam on the side walls.

To keep down on the foot marks, and comfort, which is the best base? Sand, Foam sheets, Gorilla Pad, Foam pad, or a combination of these. Because of our heavy rains, I am building a deck on one side & putting in a mulch/bark border around the rest. Your help would be appreciated. Thank You

Hi Larry

It sounds like you are doing everything right, the wall foam and pool cove. What I would not use under a liner are the pads, unless they are used as a vegetation barrier under the base sand. I seldom do this, but yards with heavy grass growth and lots of other vegetation it makes sense to.

That leaves sand or 4 x 8 foam sheets. Done correctly either one will work out fine. Most of my install were done on sand, but the ones I did with a foam base turned out great also.

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