Bottom Rail Not On Ground

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Oval Pool Bottom Rails Off Ground

Oval Pool Bottom Rails Off Ground

My husband is installing an oval 16x32 ft Doughboy above ground pool. He dug out for the footers and poured concrete. He leveled and leveled for the footers and the end posts (on pavers).

When he went to put the bottom rail on, it is about an inch and a half off the ground. We went ahead and put the sides and top rails on thinking we could backfill with sand under the rail. He is worried now about doing that and is talking about taking the whole thing down and basically starting over. Any suggestions on what to do besides that?


That is an easy mistake to make, that of setting the Doughboy side braces 1 1/2" too high.

I would dig the braces out and re-set them. There is really no way to fix the problem correctly without doing this.

It is a lot of extra work but the results will be will worth it.

The alternative is to remove all the rails and bring in some good solid backfill that can raise the area under the rails. This filled in area should be at least a foot wide, wider if possible.

When you set a Doughboy brace the entire assembly sits below ground. When the tab for the bottom rail is in place, and the bottom rail connected, the bottom of the rail should be ground level.

It is also much easier to install the wall before the uprights go on, they just fall over and get in the way if done before the wall.

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