Bulge in Pool Wall After Winter

by Heidi
(Southern NY State)

27' x 52

27' x 52

I hope you can help with this. After the rough winter (NY) we found our pool with a torn liner and a bulging type ring around most of the pool. Only 4 sections do not have this "ring".

It was thought that the ring was from the pool leaking due to the liner, and the giant ice ring inside the pool resting on the sand coving.

After everything melted, we used a rubber hammer & a board to smooth out the ring, removing each upright and repairing behind it as we went. Pool wall is still in the track & I rebuilt all the coving just below the ring. It looked okay enough to refill when we were done.

We installed a new liner which actually came out great thanks to your instructions on that, here on the website.

But, when the pool was filled, the ring came back. Any ideas on what's going on or how to fix it???

I am including a picture, I have more I could send if you would like.

Thanks in advance for any advise!


Hi Heidi

My guess is the wall has become weakened due to the ice and will never be the same again. You will have to decide if it is damaged to the point of being dangerous or if it looks like it will hold water OK.

One fix is to mound plenty of dirt around the outside of the pool to support the lower wall. If that section were somewhat under ground it would never cause a problem. Chances are pretty good that with just a little bit of outside support the wall will last as long as the rest of the pool.

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