Buttress Posts Leaning

We had a professional (we thought) install our pool. The next day we noticed as we were filling the pool that one side was leaning. On the other side 1 buttress was leaning. The pool is level every where else. Water looks good.

Upon inspecting the foot support blocks put under the buttress brace bracket we found that they did not center them on the cement blocks and the weight of the water as it filled pushed them all down and sank them causing the pool buttress posts to lean outward. We also noticed that they used screws instead of truss hex bolts and a few screw heads popped off, some were with washers others not, and also they used 2 screws in 1 hole instead of 1 long truss hex bolt provided by pool manufacturer.

We emptied the pool to 1/2 got a saw horse straddling the buttress end brace and bottom plate, attached a lashing strap hook to the end and lifted it just slightly to slip out the cement block. We packed in more dirt tamped it level, replaced the cement block being sure it was centered under the end of the foot (brace bracket) and carefully lowered the buttress support brace, after replacing some of the incorrect bolts holding it all together.

When we were done with all the buttress posts we eye sighted down the side of the pool noting that it was indeed straight now. We started filling the pool. now, the pool is full and we noticed that the buttress bottom plates and the transition rail tracking is lifting off the ground. Why? Is this an accident waiting to happen? Do we need to start over again and lower the blocks, maybe they are too high now?

This pool has been a nightmare. This company screwed us. They didn't use the correct truss hex screws, we actually found them thrown in the yard. They stripped many of the screw heads, and we found other things they did incorrectly. They refuse to answer the phone, and have cashed the checks.. so we are left to deal with this mess alone, and out of money.


Without seeing photos of the pool I would think what you did was fine and you just need to fill in under the bottom rails with dirt.

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