Clay Ground Under Above Ground Pool

by Matt Fountain
(Shrewsbury, UK)

Hi, I am at the stage of ground preparation before I construct my steel walled pool above ground. There is quite a lot of clay in my soil and there is a patch (about 1ft wide and 3ft long) that is a bit 'squishy' when I walk over it...not much but my foot sinks very slightly and I am concerned about this.

Do I need to rectify this? would I do this by the way!!? Or can I build the pool anyway, as it is virtually firm...only about a 0.5cm movement.

Thanks, Matt.

Hi Matt It does not sound like a big problem, but if it concerns you I have a few suggestions. If the clay is wet and soggy, you might be able to firm it up by adding some concrete mix over it. Or you could dig some out and set patio pavers at ground level in that area. If it digs out easily you could replace the clay with crusher run, that would pack solid. Laying a large tarp, or heavy plastic, over the area might prevent it from being noticeable under the liner once the pool is full of water.

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