DE Filter Pump Mounts

The bolts connecting the motor to the base have corroded & broken from the plastic base plate. Can the motor/filter be operated without the connection or will there be problems? Can those motor mounts be replaced? The brackets appear to be part of motor & not separate parts piece to order/replace.


You should be able to run your system just fine without these mounts. I would not mess with them until the time comes when your pump dies and you need a new one.

I have seen many different ways people have used to secure their pumps after the brackets were long gone. Mounting some boards to the base is the most common. A couple of 2x4's on each side of the pump holds it in place without a problem.

If it stay put on it's own, maybe because of solid plumbing, then you need to do nothing. If it is moving around a lot them I would attach something to the base that would stabilize it.

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