Digging Down to Level is not an Option

by George
(Shakopee, Mn)

I’m planning on buying a 15x26 pool. I have a slop in my yard and finished putting in a retaining wall where I want to put the pool. The wall was back filled with black dirt. Is the weight of the bobcat heavy enough that compacted the ground? Is there a way to measure compaction? On one side of the oval end I might need to raise the ground a little, but there isn’t a retaining wall there to hold the fill in. Can I use dirt and how far do I extend the edge? Or should I use crushed rock for this side? Before I buy the pool I want to ensure my pool will stand.

Hi George

The weight of a bobcat should be enough to pack down the dirt. Soaking with water and using a compactor might help also. A pool ledge should be about 3' beyond the pool for any raised area.

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