Doughboy Concrete Blocks Not Flush

by Shelly
(West Richland, WA USA)

I am installing a 32' x 16' x 52" oval. Only one installer in the area and he is booked.

Everything is perfectly level. We waited to do concrete to make sure entire bottom rail was right and level. Only problem is we couldn't get concrete blocks flush to the plates. Most of the supports are close, but one is around one and a half inches at most away. Will this be a big issue? Should we fill in the cap with concrete even if it means adhering the support to the concrete?

Hi Shelly

I could not imagine not having the brace channel resting on the blocks. I would raise the blocks and do it right.

I love the Doughboy ovals, I grew up installing them. The brace system is probably the most complicated of all ovals, but done correctly, probably the best. Everything should be perfect, no short cuts.

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