Doughboy Side Rails Leaning Out

by John

When I viewed the page by Bonnie from Illinois it looked like my pool. Our pool is 16X28 with 7.5 inch top rails. Our pool is completely surrounded by a deck. I think that the deck is keeping the pool from really bowing out.

The pool is now hard against the right side of the deck. Two of the end top rails have already pulled loose from the screws. One in the shallow end on the right side and the other in the deep end on the right side. The shallow end has moved 2 inches and the Deep end 1 inch. My question is... Can running a cable and turn buckles around the pool keep the pool from moving out further? The pool is 12 years old.


Hi John

Sides bowing out like that are usually an installation issue. The posts may not have been set with an inward tilt to allow for some push out as the pool fills, or the blocks were not set in firm ground and they settled as soon as some pressure was put on them. Another really dumb reason is the installer not using the pressure plates that came with the pool.

A pool 12 years old, now that's a different story. It's hard to imagine after all this time the blocks just decided to settle, but, stranger things have happened.

You mention a deep end so it is highly unlikely you have any straps under the liner that connect the braces side to side. When these rust and break the pool spreads.

If the pool were drained about half way you could probably push the rails back straight and shim the blocks under the backs of the brace channels. A tight belt around the pool might work also though I have never seen it done.

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