Drainage and Backfill on a Slope

by Robert Markulic
(Belvidere NJ)

I had a 27 ft round above ground break at the seams and washout part of the base behind the pool. The pool is on a slope one side is buried about 2 ft. After the washout the dirt backfill pushed in the wall in a few spots. The installer took the pool down so we can fix the washout. He said the wall is OK but I have been told by others that once a wall is taken down it is compromised. Should I buy a new wall ?

Also he told me I should install a drain around the pool on the buried side. Should this drain be at the bottom of the backfill or towards the top? . What should be put on top of the drain? Is stone or gravel OK? The dirt above it? Or should it be a sleeve and just covered with dirt? The old pool lasted 23 years with no drainage but the new one only lasted 2 days. He blames drainage I blame the seams !

Hi Robert

I agree on a couple of points. The pool wall should be just fine to reuse, and the damage was caused by a bad seam or a hole of some type, not by lack of drainage. If the ground that is back-filled slopes slightly to the low side you should be fine.

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