Excess liner

by Scott Cumbie
(Kathleen Ga)

Excess Liner

Excess Liner

I installed a 27 foot above ground pool. When I installed the J-Hook liner and got to end, I had about 8 inches extra left over.

I don't understand how I could have this much left, because when the wall was installed, the bolt holes matched perfectly. Any suggestions on how I can correct this or am I going to have to take the liner down and start over?

Thanks, Scott

Hi Scott. This does happen a lot, especially when it is hot out. The heat causes the vinyl to stretch very easily so the slightest bit of pulling as you are putting the liner over the wall can create extra liner at the end. It is just as possible the liner was made large, this happens a lot, or that the pool is slightly smaller than the norm, they are all slightly different.

Anyway, the fix is to take it all out and start over. Bunch it up as you are putting it in. Do this by pushing backwards on the bead as you are installing it. It may take a few tries to get it just right but it is important that the liner is the same tightness all the way around.

If you were to only go back half way, and start bunching, the liner would look bad when it was filled with water. One side would be tight and smooth and the other side a wrinkled mess.

Tips on our beaded liner page may help also.

Beaded Liner Installation

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