Expandable Liner Seam

by Melissa Hall
(Waynesville, NC)

Last fall my 4 year old 16x32 above ground pool was stabbed with a knife by an unknown person. It drained all the water except about 3 foot in the deep end. This week I fixed the the walls and patched the wholes in the liner.

We've had a couple 70 degree days so I began filling it with water. Now the pool liner has an approx one inch whole in the seam and once again the water has drained.

Should I patch the whole and wait for warmer weather to fill it so the liner will stretch with ease? Or should I plan on replacing the liner? I'm afraid if I fill it again the seam will come apart in another area.

Hi Melissa

In my opinion it is never safe to patch a bad seam. The seam could continue to split at anytime. When a seam splits it can open up wide very quickly causing an entire pool to drain faster than you would want it to. I would replace the liner.

Since the seam is opening up the liner warranty should be of some help with the cost. Most manufacturers will honor a bad seam claim. Granted it's only prorated but it should still help.

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