Expansive Soil

by Jose
(San Antonio TX)

I recently requested my homeowners association permission to place a 24 ft round above ground pool in my back yard. They denied me because they stated that my soil was highly expansive in character with a potential vertical movement in the order of 5 1/2 in to 6 1/4in was estimated.

I just want to know if there is anything that I can do to gather some information to prove to them that the pool would be fine. Thank you for your assistance.

Hi Jose

I have never heard of anything like that, ever. It sounds to me like an excuse for the HOA to keep above ground pools out of the development. Another good excuse I've heard before is no structures that are higher than the yard fence, meaning the pool ladder is not allowed. The pool is fine but the ladder is not.

I would check with all the local pool stores and see if they know anything about this. You might possibly be able to find homes in nearby neighborhoods that have above ground pools.

The nearest University should have an agriculture department that might have a lot of information about your local soil conditions. If what they say is possible the Ag department should know about it.

Maybe by posting this page another Texan could comment on their experience with soil expansion in the San Antonio area.

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