Foam Boards on top of Geotextile Pad

by Jim Benjamin
(Marshall, VA)

I'm replacing a failed liner on an 18 X 33 foot oval pool.

The original installation included a geotextile base pad on top of sand as well as a foam cove - which the installer buried under sand to form a higher cove.

The pool leaked like crazy this past winter and when I was able to have good enough weather to take off the failed liner, I found the base pad mostly covered with green/blackish mold and a few low spots, and the sand cove all uneven.

Not surprising - a lot of water came out of the pool via a rip in the liner.

I'm not thrilled with how the geotextile liner looks, but I'm busy and would like to get the new liner on without starting the base from scratch...

On the other hand, I don't want to repeat the same problems - the original liner lasted only about 4 years.

How crazy would it be to fill in the slightly low spots with mason sand, on top of the geotextile pad, then cover that all with a rigid foam insulation panel base?

I am not sure I would be able to reuse the current foam cove after it's been stuck on the walls and buried in sand for 4 years - so I would most likely remove and replace the foam cove on top of the insulation panels.

Sound ok, or do I need to remove that old grimy geotextile base pad and start from there?

Hi Jim

Your idea sounds fine to me. Best of luck with it.

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