Ground Prep

by Sean

Awesome Site.. My problem is I leveled the ground using the 2x4 method and tamp. Now I am installing in the patio slabs leveling from center to slab and slab to slab. Only realize the ground is not as level as I thought. Not worried about the slabs, they are dead on level. My question is do I really need to level the inner section (dirt) as I'm planning to use sand and Styrofoam. I'm installing a 21' round pool. Thanks in advance.

Hi Sean I would take the time to level the inner area as best possible with dirt. It will make your end results so much better. If you don't level with the dirt you will have to with the sand. While sand is easier to work with, it does not pack as well which could result in more footprints where the sand is the deepest.

It is best to work with a very thin even level of sand if you are installing foam over it. The sand should be damp and well tamped before the foam goes in.

Installing a liner over a base that is anything but level will lead to wrinkles on the bottom, so one way or the other, make the base level before the liner goes in.

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