Ground Solid For New Pool

by Linda
(Burgaw nc USA )

I have a question. My 24 foot round pool collapsed last summer. I have now bought a 27 foot round pool. The 24 foot round pad that held the old pool is packed and hard, only has a few cracks and lumps. A person that is going to help me set up my new pool thinks we should just dig the difference between the two and level the new, then put sand on the entire pad. I am thinking this, that the difference of the new that will be dug will settle lower than the previous pad that's been down for over 10 years and become a major problem. I don't know.

So my question is, is this person right and we can just make the pad 3 feet bigger or should we plow up the entire pad and start from scratch? It may be ok his way but I'm worried it will settle later. He wants to build a wooden platform then dig and fill only the difference of the bigger pool. Hope you understand what I mean. Thank you so much for any help you give.

Hi Linda

I think your friend has a good plan. Your extra area for the new pool just needs to be packed well. A new layer of sand over the entire area is also a good plan.

I would just recommend the use of blocks under all the uprights of the new pool, this should prevent any settling.

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