Holes in Bottom of Pool

by Sharon
(St Marys, OH)

We have a 17'x 17'cement pad that we put our pool on. The pool is a 16' by 48" Intex Ultraset. I feel like I have found out the reason for the holes. I think it is no pad under the liner, just a tarp. Can I use a pool pad under a pool that must be taken down in winter and put back up in summer? If so do I need the slanted thing around the edges and how would I do this??? Would like to have one that does not have to be taken down. Trouble finding a 16' one. Are there permanent above ground pools in this size?

Hi Sharon

The only above ground pool steel wall pool, that I know about, in the 16' size is the Doughboy brand, any Doughboy dealer could help you out with one. Your other options are going with a 15' round steel wall pool, or ordering a pad for your existing pool.

I'm not sure not having a pad under your pool is causing the holes but it might be, it would certainly be easier on the feet with the pad.

The preformed pool cove is only needed on steel wall pools, not on the Intex ones. A steel wall pool set up on concrete should have a pool pad and the pool coving. It is also helpful if the pad is level.

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