Install on Grass

We have had a 18' round pool (Intex) up for the last 6 years. The ground is level. Can I install a permanent above ground in the same spot without cutting away the grass that has filled in?

I am planning on using a ground tarp as well as thermal floor insulation. I thought I could dig in the cement pavers for the posts.



This is not something I could do as a professional, but is might work OK for you, it's hard to say for sure.

You need to be sure the grass will not grow up through your vinyl liner. A vinyl liner is not as thick as your Intex liners so be careful with that one.

Another issue I see is your pool cove. Intex pools do not use a cove so make sure you have a good one, even consider the preformed ones.

When setting your blocks I would take the time to laser level each one. The slightest difference between blocks causes problems with steel wall pools. The wall does not want to stay in the bottom track and the posts tend to lean in and out. After setting the block all level see if that ground is still as level as you thought it was.

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