Intex Filter Installation

by Leslie
(North Branch, MI)

I have had my first pool for just one month, and I have searched for the answer to my question and believe it's out there but the replies are likely over my not-so-handy head. If you are kind enough to reply, please answer as if you're explaining to a kindergartner so that I can fully understand. Thanks so much.

I have a metal frame Intex 12' x 30" pool, with no skimmer. I just purchased an Intex 14" Sand Filter Pump (2900 Gallons). I could have sworn that, upon reading the reviews on Amazon, someone posted that they purchased this sand filter to use with their 12x30 Intex pool. Now I'm concerned that I can't use this with my pool. So, I have (at least) 4 problems/questions:

1. The pool, nor the new sand filter, came with a plunger valve. Is the plunger valve necessary?

2. The pool inlet is just a 1.25" plastic neck coming out from the liner (no threading). The instructions in the sand filter manual show a threaded connector that comes out of the liner at the pool inlet. Not included, nor do I have it.

3. The threaded end of the pump/filter hose is much larger than the pool inlet.

4. Did I get the wrong Intex filter? Is there a way to construct an adapter so this filter will work?

Thanks SO MUCH for any help you can provide.

Hi Leslie

The plunger I think you are talking about is just a shut off valve, and no, it is not necessary.

The new filter you bought is a much needed upgrade from what you had and yes, it can be used on your pool. Intex uses two different size hoses on their pools, somewhat confusing I know. So now you need to adapt the filter hoses to fit the existing pool fittings. A couple of these adapters would do the job.

Intex hose adapter

Attach one of these to the pump basket and another to the sand filter and then you can use the smaller hoses that came with your pool.

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