Losing Suction When Cleaning

by Jerry Sarin
( Benton City WA USA)

When I go to clean the bottom of the pool it will only suck for a minute or two and then air starts getting into the pump reservoir loosing suction and eventually it quits sucking and and I have to turn off the pump, wait till the pump reservoir fills up, then start all over again.

Some how there is air getting into the system but I haven't be able to figure out where. I have replaced the line attached to the cleaning head a couple of times and still have the same problems. It takes forever to get it cleaned. I also have one of those cleaning devices that pulsates and moves around the bottom but the same thing happens. It works o.k. to start for a minute or two then slowly stops vibrating and there is air in the reservoir.

Hi Jerry.

The most likely problem is the lid to the hair and lint pot. That is the reservoir before the pump.

There is an o-ring in that lid. You can first try lubing the o-ring. Use something like Aqua Lube and it should take care of the problem.

If that does not work try replacing the o-ring. If that does not work replace the lid.

Hayward sold some pumps a while ago where the basket itself would warp. When that happens there is no sealing it. Replacing the entire basket assembly is the only solution.

It does sound like air is getting into the hair and lint pot. I hope it's an easy fix for you.

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Aug 28, 2013
response to losing suction when cleaning
by: Anonymous

Make sure you have all of the air out the hose that you are using for vacuuming your pool. Air in the hose can be the quickest cause of an air lock in the pump. Try putting one end of the hose over the water return outlet in your pool so the return water pushes all air out of the hose. As you attach the vacuum hose to the intake/skimmer, be sure to keep both ends of the hose beneath the water so no air is able to get back in the hose.

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