Losing Suction

by Barbara

When I vacuume it starts out sucking great but then 30 seconds in it stop sucking completely. I have cleaned both of the filter and the tubes that spits water in and sucks water out. Why is my vacuum not working right, it is a brand new one.

Hi Barbara

Not knowing anything about your system it is hard to say for sure. Filters will loose suction when the cleaning elements get clogged with dirt. Vacuuming a really dirty pool could do that pretty quickly. All you can do is stop and clean the filter and start again.

It's hard to imagine this happening in thirty seconds. The second most likely thing is air getting into the system. Make sure all the air is out of the vacuum hose before plugging it into the skimmer. If you are doing that check the hair and lint pot. If you have a clear lid it should be easy to see if air is getting into it. It could be you need to grease the lint pot o-ring, or replace it. It could also be the hoses or hose connectors. Anyplace between the pump and the skimmer could be sucking in air.

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