Losing Water In Our Pool

by Brandy
(New york)

When we closed our pool last year, we did the same thing as prior years before, we always drain it to the bottom of the skimmer and eyeball, but we somehow over the winter managed to lose about a foot of water. And we have no idea what happened to it.

Bottom line the liner needed replaced anyway, so last week we had a pool company come and replace it, took two days to fill, (the very top of the skimmer} after it was full I put a little chlorine in and ran the filter that night, in the morning when I went out to shut it off it was at the middle of the skimmer. For the past 3 days we've managed to lose about 2-3" everyday? It's currently about 2-3" below eyeball.

My question is do you know what the problem is here? What could be the cause of this leak? My husband is thinking is a problem with the new liner. But we had a water loss with the old liner as well. We have a 24' round above ground Doughboy pool.

Hi Brandy

My fist guess is it is a liner leak. If the water gets below the skimmer and continues to leak you can count out any type of filter leaks. It is normal for the leak to slow down the farther down the wall it gets. The less pressure on the leaking part of the liner the slower it will leak. Many leaks all but stop when the pool is about half full, but start again when the pool is full. The holes, however, are in the bottom of the pool.

An older liner will usually leak due to pin holes in the bottom. With a new liner it is most commonly a bad seam. A new liner should not leak when it is first filled. Either the liner is defective or the installers put a hole in it, but either way, it is probably the liner.

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