Measuring The Wall Height

by Scott

Hello, about 3 years ago, my wife and I came across someone wanting to take down their 24' Atlantic above ground pool. We could take it away if we took it down.

In an afternoon we had it drained, disassembled, liner folded up and packed into my pickup. The following weekend we prepped the area in our back yard, hauled in approx 300 bags of play sand and set up our newly acquired pool.

Install went great without any major problems. Btw, it's a beaded liner. Other than a couple small holes in the liner that were easily repaired, the kids enjoyed the whole summer in it.

After the wind getting under our winter cover and plowing it in the pool, we were able to see a long tear in the liner under the skimmer. We knew we eventually needed to replace the liner, and looks like now is the time to order one. After reading online how to measure for the new liner, I headed outside to measure the wall height expecting it to be either 48" or 52". With my tape on top of the metal rail at the bottom of the wall to the top of the wall measured 51".

With it being a beaded liner do I subtract the distance from the top of the wall to the top of the bead??? Not really sure what size liner to get! Am I over thinking this? Do they figure all those measurements in when I order the liner? Do I build up the sand to make it 48"???

Any help would be great, thanks, Scott.

Hi Scott

You may be over thinking it a bit. The bottom rail is about an inch thick and that would add another inch to your 51" measurement. I would order the 52" liner and you should be just fine.

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