Out of Level Pool

by Shane

Out of Level Pool

Out of Level Pool

Hi there, we have an 18' round steel walled pool that is approx, 2" out. I am ready to raise the sunken post, but want to confirm that I need to. The post has been sunk for about two years and doesn't seem to moving any more. Do I need to empty the pool and raise the post? Thanks Shane

Hi Shane

I would not drain the pool just to fix it. It has been that way for a while and not causing a problem.

If you drain the pool to fix it you take the chance of having to replace the liner. Liners shrink when emptied.

I would wait until I did need to make a liner change and fix it at that time.

If you go ahead with the repair now be sure to leave some water in the pool. After taking off several top rails and unhooking the liner someone would need to be on the inside of the pool holding the liner back out of the way. The person on the outside would raise the post and make sure the cove is as it should be on the inside of the pool.

It can be done if it is a visual problem for you, or it could wait a while, either way.

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