Oval Pool With No Side Bottom Tracks

by Michael
(IL, United States)

Our oval pool has metal plates instead of track. Only on the braces them selves is there wall track groove.

Hi Michael I have no idea what pool you are building but what you describe is very possible. I have seen above ground oval pools with just a 1' x 1' pressure plate bolted to the braces all down the side. The wall just rested against the plate. I remember another design, very similar, but with notches at each brace post the wall needed to be set into. So yes, it is very possible.

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May 31, 2014
radius bottom track
by: michael

What you explained is exactly what I have ...thanks for clearing that up because I wasn't sure if I was missing some track ...Also my pool is a 18 X 33 made by vogue do you know how many radius pieces I need on the bottom & do they just attach at the end buttress ???

Hi From what I can tell by the few photos I was able to find there are seven rails at each end. They should attach at the buttress in some way, at least most ovals do.

Jun 01, 2014
are they all radius pieces???
by: michael

Are they all the same radius pieces?? or is there two different styles that come out from the buttress ends to meet the long radius.

Hi I'm not sure on that model, most oval pools have transition bottom rails, but not all. Stand all the rails up and compare lengths. If there are four slightly different ones they would be the transitions. If they are all the same that's fine also.

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