Overlap Liner Issue

by Mal Farquhar
(Almonte, Ontario Canada)

I have a 16x32 aluminum above ground with a hopper deep end. I just noticed I have about a foot of liner sagging on one of the corners. It isn't really noticeable when you look at it, pool has always had a bit of wrinkle in this corner so it may have been this way for quite awhile. I just happened to look closely at it tonight. There is not a lot of overlap in the immediate area, where it isn't sagging (1-2 inches) but where the sag is I think there is still enough liner to overlap the top of the pool.

Not sure how this happened as the liner is about 7 years old. Pool has been in for 20+ years and has never moved. The overlap is not even all around the pool and never was when this liner was installed. My biggest question is whether I can remove the approx. 4 foot section of top rail on this corner to try and overlap the liner with the pool full.


Hi Mal I would leave this alone unless the liner starts pulling out from the top of the pool. I would not recommend taking top rails off an oval pool full of water. Taking water out of a pool liner that old could easily create shrinkage.

Since the liner has been in for 7 years there is a good chance it will not get any worse.

The overhang itself is not important, it will vary all around the pool, this is normal with an overlap liner.

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