Pool Base Options for Intex

by Phil
(Longview tx)

Great site, thanks for sharing your knowledge on the subject. I Had a 15' X 48" Intex pool last season in backyard. The level was good ,off less than 2 inches on the soil with a heavy duty tarp and base cover that came with pool, no trouble all season with pool,the only thing my ground stayed wet because the pool is located next to neighbor's fence line and they run their sprinklers hours every day during summer, which resulted in wet ground and standing water around pool. When sprinklers are off for several days the ground would be dry.

To fix this problem i would like to raise a new 16X48 Intex pool off the ground. On previous post people have mentioned creating a closed box using PT wood 2x6 or 2x8 or 4x4 or 6x6 and filling it with crushed 3/4 minus gravel or pea gravel or stone dust and topping off with sand with sheet foam insulation and using a pad such as a gorilla pad to top it off. I am a complete newbie at this, could you please give me some suggestions as to what size area I would need and what size wood I should use to create the box and how to secure the wood together and the base I should use inside the box, and should I use pavers under each pool support. Please any advice would be greatly appreciated, I am putting the pool up for my two boys who ask me every day, when dad? I would like to do it right this time. THANKS AGAIN.

Hi Phil

It sounds like you are on the right track, now get it done for those boys.

Use a level of some sort and make sure your frame is level. What you use is not that important, being level is. All the sizes you listed would do the job. You could hold them together with deck type screws or lag bolts. I have also seen when using 4" x 4" or similar lumber the use of re-bar to hold the boards in place. Drilling holes through the boards and then pounding in re-bar every 5' or so does a great job.

Filling in the area should be anything that will pack solid. I would then add the sand. The pool can go directly on the sand or you could add a tarp or pool pad before building the pool. Get it done for the boys.

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