Pool Base Paver Size

by Graham
(Ottawa Canada)

I am about to set up a standard 18 ft X 52" round pool, can I use a 8" X 7" X 2" thick patio block under each support leg or should the blocks be a larger size?

Thanks, Graham

Hi Graham. In Arizona, where I install pools, we seldom use blocks. The ground is so hard they are seldom necessary.

The size of the block depends on how firm your ground is. The softer the soil the larger the block should be.

Sandy soil would require at least 12" x 12" blocks. In really bad soil a border of blocks would probably be good, under the footplates and rails.

In most situations any block would be just fine under the uprights. So if you are working on a firm soil I would proceed as you have planned.

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Aug 28, 2012
Softsided pool installation
by: Anonymous

I recently had a soft sided pool installed. The sub-contractor used sand underneath and wood blocks under the supports. As a result the sides have bowed out and one has bowed in. It is a huge pool and I am left with a mess.

Some websites say to use sand and others do not. I already have sandy soil living off of Lake Erie. Would you advise against installing a soft sided pool that is meant to stay up year round under my soil conditions? Shouldn't contractors check out the conditions first? It seems to get worse every time it rains. This was only installed 4 weeks ago. I could not be more disappointed. I always wanted a big pool.

Hi. It is very possible the contractor used too much sand, just a small amount is needed, if any at all, depending on soil conditions.

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