Pool Contractor Damaged My Pool

by Dianna Ruen
(Angels Camp, CA)

Oh Crap !

Oh Crap !

I am having a Doughboy 16 x 32 pool installed. The pool is partially sunk. The contractor ran into the pool with a bobcat while moving sand base and badly damaged the whole end. Should I let him try and repair or demand whole new pool?

Hi Dianna

Now that's a tough question. Yes, he could structurally fix the pool so that it would be fine. The only damage that could possibly cause problems down the road would be the possibility of rust developing in the areas where the wall coating has been compromised.

Visually it will never be the same. You can pound the dents out but you cannot make it look like new again. The cost of a new pool wall is expensive and I can understand the contractor not wanting to do it. He would probably be loosing all the profit he hopes to make on the job.

If it were my job I would order the parts at cost from the dealer and replace them. I don't make money on every job, it's just part of doing business. If you agree to let him fix the damage, instead of replacing, you would be entitled to other considerations to make up for the cosmetic look of the pool that can't be fixed.

Certainly a reduced installation fee is in order, somewhere along the lines of close to free. Maybe paying enough to cover his out of pocket expenses might be fair. That's something you will have to work out with the contractor and hopefully come up with something that is fair to both of you.

Accidents do happen, but a good contractor stands behind everything he does. Hopefully he will make it right for you.

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