Pool Liner Coming Down

by Chris

We had a liner put in our pool. When the water started filling the liner came loose. The pool guy already cut for the skimmer. Can it be fixed?

The pool guy said the liner was too small but the Doughboy dealer said it was the right size. Is there any way to save the liner? It is a 16x32. There is about 3 inch overlapping around the rest of the pool.

Hi Chris

Did the pool guy stretch the liner into place, the way Doughboy recommends? This is the key to installing their liners. It's not the only way, just the best way.

Doughboy liners are known for being a little tight, so that they appear too small. But when properly installed that is a good thing. The liners fit perfect with no extra liner causing wrinkles.

It sounds like the liner was not stretched, or if so, was done on cloudy day. These liners really like direct sunlight. There is a world of difference in how the vinyl works between cloudy and sunny.

I would put the blame 100% on the installer and he should fix it. You should never cut a skimmer opening until you know that liner is going to fit. If the liner needs to stretch, and you are loosing the sun, you shut the water off and turn it on the next day. You never fill a pool in need of stretching once the sun has gone down.

If he can fix it, using the sun, without buying a new liner, I would let him try. It sounds like he does not have much to work with.

I tuck all my excess liner back into the pool so there are two layers of liner pulled over the wall, this makes it much less likely to pull down. I also have about two inches showing on the outside with 4-6 inches tucked back into the pool. That's having plenty of liner to work with.

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