Pool Liners

by Danelle

I have a question regarding the type of liner I need to get. I took your recommendation to order from In the Swim...however they only have rectangle beaded liners. The other option on their site stated beaded/J hook. I have a Doughboy pool with the ez clip liner, but would like to save some $$ on the replacement. It states that the J hook can be removed and used as a beaded liner. I was not confident that the nice lady I talked to on the phone knew one bit about pools or liners!! When I explained to her that I do not have a J hook and wanted to be absolutely sure that liner would work in my pool, she hung up on me. Nice. :) Do have any experience with removing the J hook and using them as a beaded?

Danelle D.

Hi Danelle The J hook should be the same as your ez clip. You do not need a beaded liner. Many of the j-hook or ez bead liners we install get pulled over the wall and are installed as an overlap. This is mostly because the high Arizona heat stretches the liners just enough the they would not fit correctly with the wall hook, they need to be pulled over and held in place with coping. My preference is always an overlap liner, the cheapest and the ones we can get the best fit with.

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