Pool Loosing Water

by Linda
(Newport,Delaware. USA)

Can water be leeched from a vinyl pool liner without a hole?

There are no holes in the liner, nor has there been any wet areas around the pool. The water level got down to about 1'. We have been filling it gradually and it is maintaining the water.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi Linda

There are just a few ways a pool can loose water. The liner could have a hole, or holes. Hundreds of pinholes on the bottom are common, and impossible to see from inside the pool. The only way to find them is to get under the liner. Under the liner, in the dark, you are looking up at the Milky Way. Another thing to keep in mind as you fill the pool, the more water pressure put on the hole the more the pool will leak. So a pool with only a foot of water in it may hardly leak at all. At 2' it is just barely starting to leak. At 4' you now have plenty of pressure on the holes and the leak will be noticeable.

Other causes of water loss are evaporation or kids splashing water out of the pool. I know of one case where a customer left a garden hose in the pool after she filled it, every time, and every time the water would slowly siphon out through a coupler where two hoses were hooked together. Once we found that she felt kind of silly.

Check for evaporation by filling a five gallon bucket with water and making a mark at the top of the water, do the same inside the pool. After a week the water loss should be the same in the pool and the bucket.

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