Pool Loosing Water

by Karen Rucinski

This is the second year in a row that in Aug. The pool loses 3 to 4 feet of water in 3 to 4 days. It can't be evaporation. Too much too fast. Then it stays half full. I thought the first year it was a hole in liner at bottom. But when we emptied it the ground was good. Also to lose that much water you should see it. Wrong. No puddles. No noise to hear it dripping. It's a mystery. Please help me. Right now my pool is empty I have to change out the liner. But before I remove the liner do you have any thoughts.

Hi Karen

Yes, I do have some thoughts. Find out what is causing the problem. The way you describe the leaks it should be around the outer edge. But the no wet spots does not add up, unless the pool is sunk into the ground in that area.

You need to get under that liner before you remove it. Cut a small opening near the top of the liner and crawl in. Have someone on the outside of the pool pull the liner up leaving you in the dark. From underneath the liner you can see it all. Holes in the liner will shine through like stars. You are looking for a pattern.

Are the holes around the outer edge caused by a hand vacuum. Are they more towards the middle in an area where a pool cleaner could be spending too much time.

There are a few different common causes for holes in a vinyl liner and they are all visible by getting underneath the liner.

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