Pool On Deck

by Eric Frazer
(Seattle, WA)

My yard is about 6" out of level for the pool... I have been out there stripping off the sod and bought a couple yards of "supreme" topsoil (fine-grain topsoil mixed with 20% sand). My father-in-law said, "why don't you just build a deck and put in a lot of concrete footers for it?" The pool is 16' round x 4'deep.

Well, first off, I don't want it another foot or so off the ground, but secondly, at 65lb/foot, that's about 250lb/foot, and at 200 sq ft, that's about 50,000 pounds (a fully laden Semi) sitting on top of a little 16x16 deck? Can this be done?

Assuming the top of the deck is 1" plywood, by the way. I scoured the internet, and LOTS of people say "don't even think about it", and a few carpenters say "oh, it's easy, just put the bottom rails a little closer and all will be fine."

your thoughts?

Hi Eric

I'm sure it can be done, a well built deck could easily handle the weight of 16' round pool. I almost did that once to put a pool across a creek, but then we moved and I never got the chance.

My question is why would you want to? A deck like this would be expensive and it would put the pool higher out of the ground. Plus you would have the extra expense of a pool pad and preformed pool cove.

With just a small amount of leveling and packing you will have a perfect base for an above ground pool. Add a couple of tons of sand while you are installing the pool and you are done, just as simple as that. In the field, with that much leveling, it might take my crew three hours to build the pool. Building the deck would take days.

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