Pool Out of Round

My husband and his friends have set up our pool walls for the second time and it is out of round. He refuses to research himself or follow my researched instructions. The 27' round is level but out of round. Liner is not installed. Is there a way to adjust the tracks for roundness with the wall up?


The pool does need to be round, you are correct on that. Before taking the wall down again I would check it closely.

You need to find your center point and measure out 13' 6". It may take a bit of searching to find the exact center point but worth the time. Once you have a good center see how close the pool is to round. A little off in a few places can probably be corrected with the wall up. If it is too far off I would start over.

Don't use the tape measure across the pool method. It may tell you the pool is not round but does not much in telling you how to correct it. Use the radius method.

The other thing to consider is you bottom rail gap. That gap needs to be uniform, the same on every footplate. Making the pool round can change this gap if you are not careful so keep an eye on that.

Perfectly round and perfectly level before you install the liner, that's the best way to go.

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