Pool Posts Not Centered On Blocks

by Lynn
(West Seneca)

We Just had a 27' above ground pool installed today. When I arrived home from work I noticed that the support posts were not centered on the blocks. I also noticed that some of the support posts were not completely on the blocks.

I am not a pool installer, however, I think this is not right. The pool only has several inches of water in it. Thought it may be best to not fill the pool anymore because the posts should probably be more centered on the blocks.

I sent the person that installed our pool a text along with pictures of the posts. We have not paid this person yet. I think we should wait till he corrects this problem.

What is the proper way to install the support posts on the support blocks?

Thank you in advance for your advice.

Hi Lynn

This is not something I would be too concerned about. It's very difficult to keep the posts centered on the blocks. For forty years the majority of my pool installations went up without the use of blocks. Firm Arizona soil did not require them. But when ground conditions required them, I used them.

I would lay out the bottom rails, connect everything and make the rim round. I would then mark all the uprights, move the rails, and set the blocks. They would all be perfectly level, set with a transit. But by the time the wall was in the track, and the sand spread, and the liner set, some of the uprights were not centered on the blocks. It just happens that way.

It would be difficult to build the pool and then center a block under each upright. Possible maybe, but not the way I would do it.

Your biggest concern should be, is the pool level? Start measuring from the top rail to the water level all around the pool. As you fill the pool keep checking the level. It should stay well withing an inch the whole time it is filling.

Moving the blocks under the uprights is not as easy as you may think. Bad things can happen when you go tampering with the footplates and the pool cove. If the pool is level, if the ground is well packed under the bottom rails, if there are no gaps under the rails or posts, I would leave it as is and start checking the level as the pool fills.

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